Rock of Ages

Graham & Wagner Memorials is proud to be the only authorized Rock of Ages dealer in the Canton, OH area.

Rock of Ages is one of the largest quarries and manufacturers of granite in the world.

Since 1885, Rock of Ages has set the standards for the granite industry providing the highest quality gray granite from their quarry in Barre, VT. They now operate granite quarries all over the world.

As the exclusive Rock of Ages dealer in the Canton area, Graham & Wagner Memorials is able to provide you with the highest quality Rock of Ages branded granites. With this relationship, we can offer you granites that no other dealer in the area can access. When you choose Rock of Ages, you are assured of lasting quality and the strongest, most comprehensive warranty anywhere.

Based upon our local reputation and craftsmanship, we have continued to receive the Rock of Ages Pinnacle Award every year. This award is given to the top dealers in the country that demonstrate a true commitment to their families. Once again, we are proving to be the oldest, most trusted monument company in Northeast Ohio.

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