Our Business Beliefs

1We believe that it is our duty to help every family in their time of need as if it were a member of our own family. We want every family to feel as comfortable as possible and memorialize their loved one in the best way possible.

2We believe it is our responsibility to provide families with the highest quality materials at the best value for mememorialization. We will educate our families on granites and guide them during the selection process. There are many inferior granites available and we should watch out for every family’s best interests whether they make their selection from us or not.

3We believe we are to serve our families to the best of our abilities. Our service is of the utmost importance to us and should exceed the family’s expectations, especially during such a difficult time.

4We believe we are the best at what we do. We have the highest technology available including a virtual design system so that every family can be involved in creating their own family memorial. We have graphic artists that are highly experienced and qualified in designing unique and creative memorials. It is important for us to tell every family’s story in stone.

5We believe our craftsmanship is exceptional. Most families are unaware that short cuts on the workmanship of a memorial can have lasting effects. We use the best materials and processes available so that our family’s memorials will stand out forever.

6We believe that we are a family. It is important for the employees to be proud of the company they work for and the products and services we provide our families. We strive to create a supportive and caring environment so those feelings pass along to every family we serve.

7We believe our employees are a direct reflection of our company. Every employee’s actions reflect our culture and who we are as a company.

8We believe that we are responsible for our mistakes and should celebrate our successes. It is our goal to minimize our mistakes as much as possible and strive to succeed in as many aspects of the business as possible, especially when it involves servicing our families.

9We believe that working together to accomplish our goals is a team effort. We will work as a team to provide products and services to every family we serve.

10We believe we may have to operate under longer hours or busy stretches in order to care for our families. We need to take care of each family as if they are the only one at that time and manage our work flow.